Insurance is very serious business and should be taken as such. But unfortunately, majority of folks do not deem it necessary to know all the details involved. Unless your insurance agent is your spouse or best friend, there are some things they’ll never tell you. I’ll give you some clues to help you when shopping for insurance.

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A. Multi-policy can help you get lower rates. If you can, buy your auto, health and life insurance from the same insurance company. This qualifies you for what is known as multi-policy discounts. But before you settle for this, check different insurance company sites. The discounts you get on different policies might equal the multi-policy discount or even surpass it.

B. To get cheap health insurance, buy a higher deductible policy and then make a bargain with your doctor. Buying a higher deductible policy or emergency policy would save you hundreds of dollars in premium. It is called an emergency policy because it starts only after you have paid the first five to ten thousand dollars. If there are other procedures that the doctor would want to do, ask for a discount. After all you feel comfortable haggling with a door to door salesman or a used car salesman, so why won’t you ask your doctor for a discount?

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C. Maintain good credit because your credit and insurance go hand in hand. Most insurance companies would rate you based on your credit. So the better your credit is, the higher your chance of getting good rates on your insurance.

D. Increase your deductible and reduce your claims. If there are things you can handle, please do so! Raise your deductible to the highest amount you are willing to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance kicks in.

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E. Do not be deceived by the offers from your mortgage and credit card companies to pay your balances. They are not really worth the cost. It is better for you to get your life insurance policies to cover your debts.